Are you having problems paying for your medication?

Are you having problems paying for your medication?

Some people have Medicaid, health insurance, or medicare to help cover the cost of medication. However, there are thousands who do not have medical coverage or benefits and go without medical coverage. Are you having problems paying for your medication? If so you may be able to get some assistance by using prescription discount cards.

Reasons why you may not be able to afford medication

  • Lost job and could not afford the high expense of Cobra coverage and full price of medication
  • Was not eligible for Obamacare otherwise known as the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
  • Works for a company that due to small amount of employees health plan has a high rate that you cannot afford
  • Some medications you need are not covered by your plan and cost hundreds of dollars

According to the Center for Disease Control 1 in 10 people do not take their medication as prescribed because they cannot afford to refill scripts monthly or as an attempt to save money.   Some people resort to taking friend and family members medication which is not only harmful and inconsistent but illegal.  

 Other data presented that it is not uncommon for patients to ask physicians for lower cost alternative medication or to order medication from outside the United States.  Research showed that this behavior is more apparent in adults under 65 years old.

There was a time with choosing the best medication for your patient meant a physician would choose the medication that was at the top of the line and reported to be working the best. Now doctors are asked by patients to choose alternatives. Now, what is best for the patient needs to also consider what is affordable to the patient. 

Are you having problems paying for your medication?

  1. People on Social Security can apply to get further assistance
  2. You can ask your doctor to prescribe a comparable medication that is on a pharmacy medication discount list.  Ex. Walmart has a program which some medications can be filled for $4.00. 
  3. There are nonprofit programs that offer prescription discount cards. 


One such program offered by the National Benefit Builders, Inc. is the Community Assistance Program (CAP) providing to USA residents prescription discount cards. 

Other resources CAP offers:

  • Drug pricing and Pharmacy Lookup service
  • The discount card can be used for 90 Day mail order prescriptions
  • CAP has a card for Pets
  • CAP has a diabetic discount program
  • FDA approved drugs are eligible
  • CAP card saves an average 15% on brand name medications, and 55% on generic medications.
  • The discount prescription cards are accepted at over 80% of pharmacies in the US and its territories, including Puerto Rico.

To print out your own prescription card for yourself, family or a friend CLICK HERE.

You can also order in bulk by completing the online order form. As a medical provider placing these cards in your reception area helps your patients who are already experiencing financial hardship paying for medical services. 

Some of the CAP’s Partners

  • Animal Radio
  • Animal World USA
  • Bayada Nurses
  • Bright Star Baptist Missionary Church
  • CALIF (Communities Actively Living Independent & Free)
  • CAP Bright Star Missionary Baptist Church
  • Catholic Charities of Trenton
  • Chicago Chapter National Black Nurses Association
  • Childhood Leukemia Foundation
  • Community Blood Services Foundation
  • Community Health Mission of Savannah
  • Drycleaning and Laundry Association
  • Forgotten Harvest
  • Free Clinic of Franklin County
  • General Federation of Women’s Clubs
  • Gordon JCC Aquatics
  • Hearing loss Association of America Mid Hudson Chapter
  • Korean-American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia
  • La Union Del Pueblo Entero (LUPE)
  • Lions Club
  • Meridian Behavioral Healthcare
  • NJCC (New Jersey Chamber of Commerce)
  • People for Animals
  • Port Chester Chamber of Commerce
  • Queen of the Valley Medical Ctr.
  • St. Louis NAACP
  • The Salvation Army
  • Unlimited Future
  • United Auto Merchants Association
  • U.S. Senior Benefits

NOTE: Remember this is not insurance. It is a means to get a discount price on eligible medication.


The is help for those who cannot pay for prescription medication.  Using the resources to get a discount for payment assistance for medication mean you will be able to take your medication consistently.  Taking your medication as prescribed will put you on track to resolving your health issues.  Imagine putting your mind at rest because you no longer have to fear living without your medication until your doctor says it is safe to stop.


Has paying for medication for yourself and your family been a challenge? Comment below!

Click Here ====> Community Assistance Program  To obtain your prescription discount card for yourself, family or clients/patients

To become a Community Assistance Program Distributor  ====> CLICK HERE


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