Prescription Drug Info

Prescription Drug Info

Currently, prescription drug abuse is at an epidemic state Nationwide. Some doctors share in the responsibility for this problem.  Why and How? Giving out prescriptions without giving periodic lab test. Lab test lets the doctor know if the patient is taking the medication. Negative lab results are an indicator that the patient may be selling or giving away medication. Not reviewing side effects with patients. Not being good listeners.  Patients have a tendency to self-medicate when uncomfortable. Doctor and patient would benefit if the physician assesses for these conditions and behaviors. Increasing doses without doing a history of the patient’s behavior with medications. Not checking if the patient is doctor shopping.  


So let’s be clear we can’t put all the blame on our physicians. The more information you have on how to protect your family and community the better off you will be.  You can no longer assume that your physician is making the best decisions regarding your care. You also cannot assume that drug abuse will not hit your family or community.  Assume the position as the responsible person for your care.  Ask yourself a few questions.

  1. How much is too much?
  2. Do I need to increase my dose?
  3. How much do I know about the contraindications of this medication and how it will interact with other prescriptions I am taking?
  4. Would I be able to tell if a friend or family member were abusing his/her prescription
  5. Am I taking my prescriptions as prescribed?
  6. Do I keep a count of my medication to ensure no one else is taking them?
  7. Am I aware of the harm I can cause giving or selling my medication to another person?
  8. Do I ask my doctor the right questions about my prescriptions?
  9. Do I suspect that a family member or friend is abusing medication and ignoring it?


This is where you will find updates and statistics about prescription drug use and abuse. Addiction Treatment News’ mission is to keep you apprised of what is being done about this epidemic and what you should know as well as what you can do. 

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