The Addiction Treatment Planner

The Addiction Treatment Planner

I’m really going to enjoy sharing with you about how The Addiction Treatment Planner helped me become a better  counselor.  One who could write near perfect treatment plans and progress notes that satisfied my supervisors and governance.  Best of all I grew to be a counselor who could provide quality treatment to my clients.

So there I was in my first job as a substance abuse counselor at the Yorktown Phoenix House. I had worked with male adolescents in a residential setting before but as a direct care worker. Not as a counselor writing treatment plans and facilitating individual session and groups.  Just writing my daily shift observations. Easy peasy right? Not really but thats another story for later.

Excited does not really convey how I felt about this new job and how honored I was to be given the opportunity.

Nervous some but I was told don’t worry you are being paired up with Christy. She will  teach and mentor you.   I was told we were going to have a caseload of 35 male adolescents each.  “No fears I used to work with a cottage of 35 adolescents and Christy is going to teach me everything it all sounds good”  I am thinking/praying.

Three days later I get to work and the Deputy Director Hector tells me Christy got another job and will not be back.  I asked what about the 70 boys who will help me?  Hector says don’t worry you can handle it. I started to tremor.  “Handle what I am not sure what to do or how,” my mind is spinning but I don’t say it out loud.

What A Difference A Little Help Makes

Lucky me a fellow counselor saw me struggling one night writing case notes and treatment plans.  I was sitting in my office reviewing previous counselors notes and not wanting to copy their work I studied the terminology, (some of which made no sense and I don’t mean it was over my head) to figure out how to write what I had done for the day with my caseload of 70. Ouch!   He showed me The Addiction Treatment Planner and was nice enough to have a copy made for me.

The formal training that the company provides did not come until 6 months later so this counselors help I will always be grateful for.

Let me tell you that twenty years later I still use The Addiction Treatment Planner and train new counselors urging them to purchase it. Would you believe that I am so attached to my planner that I still have the same planner that was given to me in 1997.  I do visit the book store to review the updated versions but the one I have is special too me.

Benefits of using The Addiction Treatment Planner:

  1. Problem areas come with a list of suggested short term and long term goals
  2. This list of examples helps you  become familiar with the terminology of the field
  3. Also guides you on what possible clients issues you need to do more research on
  4. Will help you  learn how to write proficient progress notes once the treatment plans are done
  5. Will help you develop the skills to identify problems by recognizing behavior issues pointed out in the planner
  6. As you train on the other requirements of a substance abuse counselor The Addiction Planner will have you well on your way to being a proficient documenting substance abuse counselor and your clients will benefit from it.

If you are struggling with identifying client problems, writing treatment plans go online to Amazon and get yourself a copy.  You won’t be sorry.

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Lydia Brown

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